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Can I use a selfie as a headshot

Can I use a selfie for my headshot?

Do you cut your own hair? If you prefer to let a professionals style your hair for you, then you already understand why it makes sense to choose a professional to get something done right.

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Headshots Get You Hired

What Science Says About Who Gets Hired

Is your profile photo to holding you back? Recruiters and hiring managers are creating their first impression from your profile photo in less than a tenth of a second. In an instant, they develop an impression about your confidence, capabilities, and even your trustworthiness.

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How many headshots do I need?

You review the images at the session, and you can purchase as many as you want. We recommend having at least one image for LinkedIn, one for professional directories and signatures, and a few on hand for unexpected personal or professional needs (like a conference presentation, a dating profile, etc). There’s nothing worse than needing an image of yourself and not having one. To make the most out of the experience, bring several outfits and purchase a variety of results.

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