Can I use a selfie for my headshot?

Do you cut your own hair? If you prefer to let a professionals style your hair for you, then you already understand why it makes sense to choose a professional to get something done right.

But what’s the harm in using the free option?

Can I use a selfie as a headshot

Even though smartphones now have image quality that rivals the cameras professional photographers were using 10 years ago, you should consider the importance of your headshot before using a selfie.

Your headshot is a critical part of your brand. People make intuitive and subconscious judgments when they see your image, and sometimes very subtle details can make a huge difference. Even expressions and subtle turns of a chin can create the wrong impression, and in a split second, they may decide you’re not competent enough (or even untrustworthy) and move on.

Many of these issues that create negative impressions can be addressed with the right expression and positioning. It is very difficult to get this right by yourself, and this is why I recommend you look for a photographer that understands how to work with someone to create the correct response for a headshot. A headshot photographer will help you create the images that inspire confidence and engagement, and they certainly won’t let any photo leave the studio that doesn’t show you in top form.

Of course, there are other benefits of hiring a professional such as great lighting, getting the color right, and a high-quality final image. But even if you have access to photographic lighting and a great camera, unless you are sure you know how to look confident and engaging in a photo, protect your brand and make sure to use a pro for your headshots.

I’m here to help you create or replace your headshot with one you love. Check my calendar here.

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