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Expert Coaching

Most people are uncomfortable in front a camera and don’t know how to look approachable, real, and confident. They think you just have to “be photogenic.”  But there is a method, and I will show you exactly what to do. I can coach anyone into their best expressions. You will love what you see.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Your photoshoot will feel relaxed and easy. There’s nothing like having an experienced professional be completely invested in making you feel great and look fantastic. You may find your confidence rises permanently when you see how good you can look on camera.

Instant Review

Get instant reassurance that you’re looking good. My camera connects to a computer so you see results in real time. You’ll choose favorites before you leave.

Change the way the world sees you

Professional Nurse Headshot NYC
Professional Headshot NYC

Change the way you see yourself

Send The Right Message

Right now, others are deciding how much they trust you. Your image either reinforces or undermines the impression you want to give, and it accompanies every email you send and profile you post.

With people making big decisions in one tenth of a second, what is your photo telling them?

Business Headshot NYC
Corporate Headshot NYC
Look Good

“Make me look good.” That’s what I hear most often. You want to feel confident about your headshot. There’s nothing you’re more eager to share than a great image of yourself.


Your Headshot Works For You

Project Confidence

When your headshot conveys confidence, it commands attention and makes a great impression. I'll show you how to make sure your confidence comes through in photos.

Be Friendly

I'll make sure you add a touch of friendliness to the confidence to make a winning picture. Without any charm, the photo might appear mean or unapproachable; it's critical to get this right.

Look Sharp

We'll talk through how you want to be seen. Whether you want to appear corporate, casual, or somewhere in between, you have a polished image to represent you.

You need a photographer who sets you at ease, understands what you want, and delivers it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule your appointment online using our calendar, here.

For business headshots, every 2-3 years, or as soon as you make a recognizable change to your appearance (big haircut, new glasses).  Looking current sends a subtle signal that you’re on top of things and up-to-date on your field as well

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It doesn’t matter how much cropping you do, people can always tell it’s a selfie.  Lasting professional impressions are one place you don’t want to look like you’re cutting corners.

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As nice as your neighbor may be, tiny changes in lighting, facial angles, and expressions can make large differences in how trustworthy, competent, and approachable you seem. When people are making high-dollar snap decisions based on your image, I don’t recommend trying to do this yourself, even with a friend.

Yes. We will reserve a block of time for you. We will work efficiently while keeping a relaxed atmosphere so your team looks fantastic. Please use the contact form to let me know what you need.

You arrive and settle in.  You’ll bring several outfits to try different looks.  We’ll review some shots together as we take them so you can see what is working – sometimes an outfit will surprise you and become your favorite.  At the end we’ll review all the images and you’ll decide which to keep. Those are sent to a retoucher, and digitally delivered within one week. The experience will feel easy and relaxed.

Yes. Use the contact  form to describe your project, and get a quote. Or book a free consultation at a convenient time to discuss your needs.

You review the images at the session, and you can purchase as many as you want.  We recommend having at least one image for LinkedIn, one for professional directories and signatures, and a few on hand for unexpected personal or professional needs (like a conference presentation, a dating profile, etc).  There’s nothing worse than needing an image of yourself and not having one. To make the most out of the experience, bring several outfits and purchase a variety of results.

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We will discuss what you need the images for and where they will go, and I can photograph you accordingly.  For example, if you need lots of negative space to put ad text on, we can make sure you have the right image.  I recommend purchasing multiple images so you have a small personal library on hand for unexpected uses that come up as time goes on.

I create images you love that deliver the impressions you deserve.

A Headshot Photographer You Can Trust

So why don’t you have a professional headshot? It’s not about the money; it’s because you don’t want to pay for a result you don’t want to share. You are looking for someone you trust to take your picture.  Professionals understand the need to invest in themselves (if you don’t, no one else will).

You don’t want to pay for images where you look unsure or stiff, which is how you may feel even just considering having someone else take your photo. I change all that.

The Manhattan Studio

I share a busy, dynamic studio in the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC. I have everything here I need to create flattering lighting and a comfortable experience.  You won’t feel rushed, but I’ll work efficiently so you can get on with your day.

At Your Office

I can bring my studio your office and take headshots of your team or whole company. For more information or a quote, a please reach out on my contact page

Headshot Photographer Robert Read

About Robert Read

I’ve helped professionals make strong impressions since 2013.

During a prior 25-year career in software development, I learned how often images manage professional impressions – and how costly it is to neglect them.

I combine real-world knowledge of company cultures with skills to deliver images you love and that project traits you want to be known for. I set people at ease and send them away surprised by how much they enjoyed the process.

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